Life Coaching/Navigation Vs. Psychotherapy

by Linda Kottler, MA, JD 


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LIFE COACHING has become increasingly recognized as an alternative to traditional forms of psychotherapy. 

LIFE COACHING, unlike most psychotherapies, does not dwell on the past or on deep-seated intra-psychic conflicts.  Rather, the emphasis is on finding PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS and setting meaningful GOALS.   And unlike the psychotherapist, the LIFE COACH takes a very ACTIVE role in the life navigation process often giving concrete and practical advice.  

LIFE COACHES have backgrounds which may include legal training, teaching, business, or psychology.  They draw on their educational backgrounds and life experience to serve the needs of their clients.

LIFE COACHING helps individuals to:


Make an appointment with a LIFE COACH and obtain help with:


Family - Relationships  -  Friendships   

Career burn-out  -  Boredom and Depression


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For LIFE COACHING call 818-991-8376 - ask for LINDA

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